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Delectable Collectables.

Imperial Productions figurines

Exquisite and finely detailed, these figurines are produced by a husband and wife team in New Zealand. Made in the style of the early tin soldiers, the metal compound is poured into hand designed mould and then hand painted.

Imperial Productions figurines

They carry a sense of movement, a moment caught forever for your enjoyment and delight, whether it be the little girls flying a kite or the infantry soldiers marching off to battle, or the English bobby holding up traffic for the 'ducks crossing'.

We are the only shop in Australia (of four in the world) that carry these intriguing collectables.

Prices range from only $55 to around $210 for some of the larger military groups.


Old Tupton Ware figurines

Colourful and elegant, this range of hand painted figurines captivate and delight the eyes with a beauty of form and a vibrancy of colour that makes it stand apart. The women with their long, sweeping lines and the adorably precocious children are lovely and then there are the cute teddy bears and elephants that can't help but bring a smile.

OTW figurines 1

There is also a selection of softly coloured figurines with subtle touches of blue and grey, they have a delicate beauty of their own, with their elegant limbs and serene faces.

Prices ranges from $22 to $110.

See also China and Glass page for the full range of Old Tupton Ware, vases, household items etc.


Miniature Musical Intruments

Wonderful detail and beautifully boxed, these instruments have been very popular with collectors or as gifts.

musical instruments

We have a good range of boxed instruments and we also have a selection of musical instrument magnets.

Prices for the boxed instruments range from $23 to $45 and the magnets are around $7 to $10.

Miniature Tea Sets

tea setstea sets

Adorable mini tea sets, they come in a variety of shapes and colours, the round plates range in size from approx 9 cm (3 1/2") diameter to approx 15 cm (6") diameter, prices are from approx $15 to $20.

cup and saucer

Also available are lovely single cup and saucer sets complete with display stand, the saucer measures approx 5 cm (2") a bargain at $6.60 per set.


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